Saturday, July 30, 2005

My Boss...

I bought a pretty cool book yesterday at the Disney Studio Store called Disney Treasures. There are quite a few photos of Walt Disney and I couldn't help doing a caricature. I'm not sure if I pushed the features beyond recognition or not far enough but this was my favorite of about five that I did.


Unknown said...

Hey Fred,
Not to be critical or anything...but I guess one of the most striking features about Walt was his eyebrows-they pretty much defined his face. I think in yours they are a bit smallish. But it's still awesome though, and heck I couldn't do any better.
Keep it up pal!

Anonymous said...

Great caricature, though I think Nick might be right about the eyebrow thing. I think it's also a Walt tradmark to have one eyebrow slightly more raised than the other, like in this photo:
Your caricature of Walt still captures his likeness, though. I knew who it was at first glance.

Why not caricature your other infamous boss, KAY!!!!????


Fred Osmond said...

Heya Nick, please, be critical!! I have a huge amount of respect for your drawing skills and any critisism you offer is greatly appreciated. I'll take your suggestion and give it another go, I did a few more before I read your post so please don't think I'm ignoring your suggestions!

Luke, you're another genius cartoonist who I have a ton of respect for and while I'm familiar with that expression it seems that alot of caricatures you see of him are the one brow up one down. I thought I'd go with something different but I guess why throw out something that sells the viewer on who the person is, right? So, next caricature....


Anonymous said...

Same with Luke and Nick.

Although, personally, I couldn't do much better.

The drawing is AWESOME, though, and I did realize who it was immediately.

-J. R. Spumkin

Anonymous said...

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