Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dumm Comics Banner!

New Earthward-Ho! Dumm Comics Banner...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Dumm Comics Dot Com!!!

I'm super excited to announce a brand new adventure I'm partaking in! It's a website that features daily comic strips by some of my good friends and myself. Each of us gets a day of the week to share our strip with all the fine folks on the internet. Here's the breakdown...

Monday is Gabe Swarr's Big Pants Mouse
Tuesday is Sean Szeles' Through the Port-Hole
Wednesday is Katie Rice and Luke Cormican's Skadi
Thursday is Ricky Garduno's 1930 Nightmare Theatre
and Friday is Earthward-Ho! by me.

Not to be left out is the amazing Matt Gadbois who has done a great job at building our website.

You can check it out right now by going to

This here is Sam, he's the main character of the strip. Sam is obsessed with all things outer space. When he's not being abducted by aliens he's looking through his telescope searching for them.

This is a typical "eyball headed alien" that can be seen in this weeks strip...

And finally here is a glimpse at an alien which will be making an appearance in upcoming strips...