Monday, September 19, 2005

Second Attempt at Paiting...Sorta...

Well I finally broke down and bought one of them fancy wacom tablet thing-a-ma-jigs. You know the ones...paperless paper powered by Voodoo and Black Magic, modern cousin to the Ouija Board. It came with a stripped down version of Corel Painter (also some form of Dark Magic) and I started screwin' around with it...Please click to enlarge so as that you can see how the devlish machine was able to suck the soul out of actual paint to create an almost life like reproduction.


Elliot Cowan said...

I use Painter almost every day, but I only ever use one tool - the scratchboard tool.

The Hurricane said...

Nicely done!! I just got my wacom tablet in the mail TODAY . .and I can't wait to start toying around. I hear that really, you can just use photoshop, and get the basics down . .though, a friend of mine will be lending me painter soon. Ill take you up, Elliot, on using that scratchboard tool .. thanks . ..

Sandra Khoo said...

Welcome to the club! ^^ Tho' mine is a genius mousepen and doesn't come with additional perks.

Tony Mora said...

Dude. New post please. Stop depriving us of new art.

Unknown said...

cool stuffs!

Anonymous said...

Bunch of Design stuff here

The Original Dangster said...

DANG Tony Bennett is da Shiz-Nat..Second, of course to Neil Diamond..KICK ASS pic dude!

Unknown said...

Nice drawiing

Anonymous said...

Yeah tony! is the shit! Literally!

Patrick Morgan said...


Jenny Lerew said...

Very cool, man. I'm using one too, at work.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm impressed that painter can even mimic the texter of canvas. I love the work though

Anonymous said...

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